Honor Kids International

By Lucia Valente January 2020


Honor (honour) is a passionate plea to affirm ones’ existence. It is the words and actions we use in relationship to all things that express gratitude for life. Honor is a deep belief that all is sacred.

I have always been interested in people and organizations who care about others; who put that caring into actions. They do something to make the world a little better.

Recently I came across Honor Kids International (HKI) founded by Linda Redford. The mission of Honor Kids International is

To restore honor, acceptance and value to children across the globe. HKI wishes to join others who share the common desire to heal society’s most preventable tragedy, child abuse.

HKI is focused on establishing an environment for children can life in safety. By teaching families about a positive belief system, they change and in turn, children are more receptive to believe in their true potential