Our Partners

Professor Mary Ann Kelso

Mathematics professor at Olympic College Washington State, Prof Kelso has been working with CCN since 2016

Working collaboratively, CCN and Professor Kelso, using advanced computational cloud technologies, have published the course material and extrapolate it to yield integrated

class notes
practice material
in class quizzes

Auto grading of the homework and tests adds value and the live analytics from in class quizzes provide the professor with valuable real time insight with full integration to the LMS.

Prof Kelso has kindly granted access to her content on the CCN platform for Loss of Generality projects.

Khalida Nazzal, Associate Professor

For as long as I can remember, I have had a strong passion for mathematics. During my undergraduate study, I had been imagining  myself lecturing instead of my professors,  and I was pretty sure (at least, at tht time!) that I come up with better explanation of the topic rather than my professors did. My colleagues got used to ask for help, and I was more than happy to be there for them, this gave me an opportunity to practice and enjoy the whole process including the rewarding positive feedback. I love both math and education, and so naturally, I went into teaching in hopes to meet my two interests.

My first experience was that math is fun. As I pursed my study in pure math, it became more advanced, and more challenging, which in fact made it more enjoyable. Mathematics means critical thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning; this is what we all need in this world plagued with problems!

Working with CCN has three main facets, each with its own beginning and motivating reasons.

The high percentage of unemployment in Palestine has always been one of my deepest concerns,  finally, I found someone to share this heavy burden.  The LoG team and I started thinking of creating new opportunities for my students, especially the talented ones. So, my first goal is to provide internships and jobs in the world market for youth in Palestine. Last year, we started with two students from math department of PTUK, and recently, we are able to provide one more internship for another Palestinian genius. I hope our growing team will furnish a base for upgrading education in Palestine.

Second reason is to enhance my teaching using technology. I experienced what a success my students are, they are preparing a new concept lecture notes, practice exercises and exams for professors in the U.S and Canada. It wasn't until this semester that I decided to have my own e-course. I have a class of calculus 1, most students in this class failed the course before at least once. It looks they have a kind of phobia from the course. I started thinking of solutions to make things work. Most students have substantial weakness in basic math and this must be resolved. I don't have sufficient class time to address such problems. My first thoughts went to e-notes. Here, we may provide simple explanation of the most problematic math topics that a freshman may face. We also give better visualization to the material in this course where each student can learn with his own pace. I do believe that you can learn math only by doing math. The notes provide a large number of examples and practice tests. Visualization makes math possible, interesting and relevant. This all together make them perfect choice.  

The last part of my experience with CCN, is book review. I'm honored to review Professor Marry Ann Kelso's book on pre-calculus and calculus. Prof. Kelso and I have continuous discussions on the material. We also share our teaching methods and experience in our endeavor to enhance our knowledge and teaching pedagogy.