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Liam O'Halloran


Lucia Valente - Founder

I spent more than 30 years in Canada working in the area of human resources and organizational development.  My passion is working with people to highlight possibilities and opportunities that they may not have seen by themselves.  What drives me is - building peoples’ belief and making a difference one person at a time. 

“When people have belief in themselves, hope in the future, and when they know that they can do something constructive, amazing things happen.  I have seen the power of instilling a can-do attitude in people and that’s what we at LoG are doing.  We believe in “teaching people to fish” and trusting that they will know what to do with that bounty.”









Liam O'Hallaran - CFO

I met Lucia when I was on the Board of the Anne Sullivan Foundation. in Dublin.  I served on the Board of the Anne Sullivan Foundation from September 2011 and assumed responsibilities as Executive Director of the Anne Sullivan Centre until December 2015.  The Anne Sullivan Centre is a residential care facility for people who are born deaf and blind.   

When Lucia told me about the work of Loss of Generality I was quite interested to be a part of the organization and to see our work expand gradually to reach students in various countries.

Wayne Allen - CTO

I met Lucia virtually several years ago when she was researching a hosting company.

 Lucia worked with InformationTechnology teams over many years and had a clear vision as to her requirements for both the commercial enterprise, CCN, and the non profit Loss of Generality (LoG).  Lucia valued my professional background and the innovation I have in place and we decided to work together. 

Living on the West Coast of the US and dealing with the LoG team in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, makes my life quite interesting and a little diverse from dealing with corporate clients in North America.