I have always loved mathematics right from my childhood days and there was a time I decided to publish a textbook that comprised of solutions to some difficult questions in mathematics. I was discouraged by my teacher of course because I was still a kid.

My passion for mathematics and computation did not die when I became an undergraduate student of mechanical engineering as I began to develop contents for the purpose of facilitating easy understanding of complex computations in mechanical engineering courses. This singular act has developed me and motivated me to function as a Content and Systems Developer in fields and specializations that are related or not related to mechanical engineering.

Currently, my focus is on Content and Systems Development in the area of Education. I am also keen on developing and executing ideas for the individuals, organizations and community. This is part of what I am doing for LoG – generating creative and engaging contents as well as developing systems for active operation.

I run an organization called The DEEP Project Initiative which currently serves as a synergist between LoG and organizations (universities, NGOs and Companies) in Nigeria. My sole interest in working with LoG is for the purpose of making Quality Education accessible and affordable in Nigeria and Africa at large through facilitation of partnerships with Educators in Secondary Schools, NGOs and Universities.

In the nearest future, I hope to delve more into 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence as futuristic tools for advancing Community Technology, Community Health and Community Education.