Anwars project

In late 2015 while completing my Masters Degree in Mathematics, one of my professors – Professor Nazzal, told me about a group in Ireland who wanted to work with students in Palestine. Professor Nazzal introduced me to Lucia and Dara of Loss of Generality (LoG) and it was amazing what they offered to me.

LoG want to work with students to give them a highly sought-after skill set and to pay them while learning. Plus when the training is complete, to offer them consulting work.

So, while completing my Masters Degree, I began learning Wolfram Mathematica through Skype tutorial classes with Dara and earning income. Within a short period of time and with a lot of hard work and commitment, I began to write simple code in Mathematica.

My training began early in 2016 and within a few months working with Dara I began to take on more responsibility and was paired with Professor Mary Ann Kelso in Washington State USA. With Professor Kelso, I began to work on coding of her Math Modules. It is fascinating to see the virtual world of programming in reality.

I live in Palestine and work with the LoG team in Ireland (mainly) and I work with Professor Kelso in Washington State.

Collectively, our team is providing Math Modules for students in Professor Kelso’s class and we are seeing the test scores and results posted to the Learning Management System. It is exciting to be a part of the team who worked on these modules and can see their work from start to finish.

In late 2016 I graduated from my Masters program and am now a Math teacher at Tulkram. Professor Kelso has authorized me to use some of her material in my math classes at Zannobia primary high school where I teach 8th and 10th grade students.

I think it is very efficient method to help the students to understand the lectures and it is more interesting, especially for those students who are not so good in math. I love using the CCN modules to teach.