Loss of Generality is an Irish registered non-profit organization established in 2015 for providing the most Advanced Computational Education to Any Teacher, Any Student , Any Where.

LoG provides intensive and advanced Mathematica Training to students who currently do not have ease of access to such education. Students gain skills in the most advanced programming language - Mathematica
LoG makes available Educational Modules in Analytical Sciences to High School and College Students - on computers and mobile devices – in geographies where access to advanced, tip Quality Education is restricted
To deliver LoG’s Educational Modules aligned to their design structure and effectiveness, LoG provides Teacher Training to ensure successful deployment.
LoG established a partnership with Wolfram Research that facilitates access to advanced technology. LoG conducts research into development of 3D Printed Prosthetics to provide cost effective, ease of access to those in need.


LoG works with non-profits and educational institutions to provide access to our educational modules.


The ultimate vision of all our projects and initiatives is the emergence of sustainable communities that are successful and flourish through their own competence, work ethic and created value


Training in Wolfram Mathematica takes up to 18 months. During their training and after, graduates obtain a highly advanced skillset that is marketable. As the work of LoG expands, we contract with our graduates to work with us on projects. The circle of training wraps up in graduates being able to market their skills in a virtual marketplace. They do not need to leave their geography to obtain a career. This is the essence of LoG’s work.

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