Loss of Generality - LoG

We provide access to education for young people previously denied it due to economic or regional constraints.
That is why this charity has come into being.
Our company business is Computational Class Notes. CCN, provides advanced computational education using cloud technology on STEM subjects. This is established mostly in the North American continent in a variety of colleges and universities. It substantially reduces the cost of education for students, collates all the course material including class notes, practice material, homework, quizzes and tests in the users on-line portal. Auto grades, provides unlimited variations in material and improves the learning process and students understanding of the content substantially.

We believe, students from disadvantaged regions should have access to education too. That is why we, in conjunction with professors who generate the content, make it available to students who would not otherwise have access.

Access to Education, How does LoG provide this?

We make our commercially-developed advanced educational modules available to students who otherwise may not have ease of access to top quality education.

A core component of what we do is to work with educators and students who want to learn highly advanced programming skills in geographies or other situations where access to such technology is unavailable or not readily available.


Access to Education, How does LoG deliver this?

For those students who are provided with teaching modules, through LoG, teaching is provided through high schools and colleges

For those students who are learning advanced programming through LoG, teaching is done virtually, in real time.

For those students who study advanced programming with LoG, after approximately one year of committed training, students acquire a highly specialized, sought-after skill set that they can then market.  Working from their own home and working on their own time – through virtual marketplaces  - they can make their skills available to a range of businesses and to academia.  LoG itself will purchase their expertise for its own growing number of projects.