My name is Khaled Qarout and I live in West Bank, Palestine.
At the moment I attend university in Palestine and I am studying APPLIED MATHEMATICS.

I like mathematics and physics – that is what I like to study. I got that interest from my father who was a mathematics teacher and we spend time together often discussing mathematics problems. One of the ways I like to spend my free time is with my father – we share many ideas together.

My father and mother are very supportive of the work I am doing with Loss of Generality. I was introduced to Lucia and the team at LoG late in 2015 through my university Professor – Professor Nazzal. I began to work with the LoG team in January 2016 and it has been a very special experience. When first they offered to train me in Wolfram Programming Language – Mathematica – it was a unique opportunity and I am so glad that I joined the team.

Now it is almost two years since I was introduced to the LoG team and I have progressed so far. I write many Educational Modules for Professors in North America. Specifically, I work closely with Professor Roth, who is a Professor of Physics at Olympic College for example and we are doing good work together. We are working with Professor Roth to put his work into a ‘book’ – that will be used by his students. We have many ideas as to how we can use our technology to enhance both teaching and learning.

It is a very special experience for me that LoG brought me to Ireland to undergo intensive training with the team. I am learning very advanced programming and I am learning more about Machine Learning and AI.

A few other exciting things are happening as I progress in my work with LoG. My sister Adan began her training with LoG with support from Anwar and me. We all are impressed as Adan is not yet at University and is doing quite advanced work. Currently Adan is testing modules for a Professor in Canada and that is so exciting.

Also, starting in September, with support and funding from LoG and the Kuwait Society for Student Support, I will teach high school mathematics classes using our technology. I look forward to using in an actual classroom, the technology solution that we developed, as it will give me a new perspective on the work I have been involved with over the past two years.