My name is Malak Jabar and I live in a city called “Qalqilia” in Palestine. I spent several years of my life living in Chicago, USA and my parents still live there. I have always liked mathematics and medicine – my dad is a mathematics teacher and my mother is a nurse, and they still live in Chicago.

In 2016 I returned to live in Palestine when I met my husband, who is Palestinian and I like my life here. I like the community aspect of life in Palestine.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to study pharmacy at An-najah National University in Palestine and graduated in 2012. In late 2016 Dr. Khalidah Nazzal of the Technical University of Palestine introduced me to Lucia Valente at Loss of Generality. Lucia told me about the work that LoG is doing and I was very interested in it. LoG’s work amazes me, and the goal to provide such amazing training to students is very useful and gives us a good career to develop.

With support and guidance from LoG I am working on making a small useful anatomy book for beginners. LoG has given me the opportunity to be an author using leading technology and providing a great opportunity for students in Palestine to use a book written by a local young lady. My goal is to have my book finished within the next year.

Also I am working with LoG to develop other projects in anatomy and organic chemistry. A very special project is to work with the LoG team and develop prosthetics using advanced software. The plan is that I will lead this project in Palestine.

Another important aspect of the work with LoG is that I will train others and give them the opportunity that LoG provided to me. When we begin to work with LoG there is a mutual commitment – they will train me and in turn I must pass along these skills and train others. I am blessed to be here at this time and work with the team from LoG.